2022 Impact Report

Showcasing what Co-Production Collective at UCL have achieved this year. Scroll down to find out more and for a selection of accessible versions.

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Training courses delivered
People in attendance

We delivered 10 co-production training courses to 250 people across 1 NHS Trust, 1 charity, 3 universities and 5 faculties at UCL.

Talks delivered
People in attendance

We gave 11 talks about co-production to 932 people across 1 charitable foundation, 1 council initiative, 1 charity, 1 market research company, 1 NHS conference, 1 public engagement initiative, 3 co-production initiatives and 2 universities.

Research bids
Total funding

Contributed to 6 research bids that have resulted in £4,858,605 of funding being awarded to the research project teams and £92,842 for Co-Production Collective.


Secured £287,680 for consultancy work from 13 organisations.

CoPro Cuppas
Total attendees
Were newcomers
Co-creation sessions
Total attendees
Were newcomers

"Co-Production Collective have not only helped us to think through the different strategies that we can use to engage and work with residents, families, and staff, but they have also built the research team’s confidence and helped us to reflect on our own behaviours and biases. This has been enormously beneficial for the research team, we believe we would not have been able to engage with this group of people without co-production."

Laura Shallcross, Professor, UCL Institute of Health Informatics

Our revenue

44% from consultancy
23% from Research England grant
15% Wellcome Trust & UCL
14% from research projects
3% from training
0.1% from talks

We turned 2 years old!

and celebrated alongside 92 wonderful people what had been achieved so far, launched the Value of Co-production Research and introduced the soon to be launched Resource Library.

Milestone publications

Co-produced by our community.

“The first thing that struck me about Co-Production Collective was the genuine commitment to nurture relationships which promote dignity, respect and equity...The values and ethics of the Collective have meant that I have found a space I can meet with others who share the same mindset and ‘heart-set’ and where I feel safe to explore and reflect without negative judgement.”

Cecily Henry, Co-producer

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Co-Production Collective
After many years in the making we have launched our co-production Resource Library for all to use. Please explore and share widely! - Thanks to all who helped make this happen.
Nov 29, 2022

Thank you for your time!

Thank you to everyone we have worked with in 2022 and especially our community, our staff team and UCL for their ongoing support.

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