Our vision

Our vision is a world where diverse knowledge and experience is recognised and valued in the co-production of research - and beyond.

Our mission

We are a co-production community where everyone is welcome. Together we learn, connect and champion co-production for lasting change.

We focus on amplifying the voices of those who want to be heard, including those who are often ignored or excluded, helping to ensure that we can be equal partners in the decisions that will affect our lives.

Our Activity

We support co-production projects and enable others to co-produce, bring people together to share learning and ideas, and build evidence and influence to make the case for co-production.

We started with a focus on health and wellbeing research and the majority of our activity is still in this area. However, we’re increasingly working across sectors, as well as policy and practice, to encourage everyone to embrace co-production!

Whether running training, publishing reports, or delivering commissioned projects for partners and funders, we put people at the heart of what we do.

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