What does co-production mean to us?

Co-production is an approach to working together in equal partnership and for equal benefit.

Co-production in practice

For us, putting this approach into practice means living our core values, applying them to all aspects of our work.   

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Why co-production?

It makes sense! Co-production brings together different forms of lived or living and learnt (personal and professional) knowledge, understanding, and experience, for better outcomes and mutual benefit.

Genuine co-production in research and services has been limited. Those who will actually be affected by a project or programme don’t often get the chance to influence its design and development.  This is especially the case for certain groups and communities whose voices have historically been excluded from power and decision-making.

But times are changing! Co-production is on the up across different sectors and settings. People with lived experience are working alongside researchers, policy-makers or healthcare practitioners in one team, improving lives together.