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Our community is diverse, international and open to everyone!

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Whether you’re a veteran co-producer or a total newcomer, you belong to an organisation or you’re interested from a personal perspective, and whatever form of experience or expertise you bring - you’re more than welcome to join us.

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Our core values

Our co-created core values guide everything we do.


We value people as people, do everything wholeheartedly, and work to make a genuine difference.


We share power, make decisions openly and collectively, and are accountable to our co-production community.


We support everyone to be included and participate fully in our co-production community.


We say it like it is, continually questioning both the status quo and ourselves, even when that’s the hard thing to do.

Meet our team

Behind the scenes, you’ll find Niccola, Lizzie and Rory connecting our community and supporting our work – drop us a line and say hi!

We also have an Allies Group made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, with different types of experience. They question us if we need it and support us in making connections and in challenging the status quo - 'the system' we want to change.


Niccola has been co-producing Co-Production Collective since the very beginning, championing co-production and developing the partnerships and collaborations which are helping us change the culture of research and beyond. She has a young son who keeps her VERY busy and is always up for coffee and cake.



Lizzie does a bit of everything but thinks especially about how we learn and improve our co-production activities, and how we talk about what we do. She can usually be found on a walk with a podcast, with her head in a book, or upside down in a downward dog.



Rory keeps us all on track, shares the latest co-production news and thinking in our blogs and newsletter, and welcomes new members of our community. She’s a huge fan of plants and anyone who is working to solve the climate crisis.


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