Measuring Success in
Co-production: Learning by Doing Programme

Funding and providing support to six to nine projects within the themes of mental health, wellbeing and/or climate change in order to learn how best to evaluate co-production.

About 'Measuring Success in Co-production: Learning by doing'

Connecting and supporting people to work in equal partnership is our passion at
Co-Production Collective!

We’re motivated to understand the value that collaboration and working to the principles of
co-production offers individuals, communities, societies and culture.

This piece of work follows on from our previous Co-production Pilot Projects and the Value of Co-Production Research Project published in October 2022 which found that:

  • The impact of co-production is often under-explored.
  • Co-produced initiatives are rarely formally evaluated.

This programme aims to support co-production and evaluation (measuring the benefits) of projects which focus on the themes of mental health, wellbeing and/or climate change. It is open to anyone who is interested in the objectives above. It is supported by Co-production Collective,  Co-producers with a range of lived experience, UCL Evaluation Exchange, UCL Grand Challenges, Compost London and The Academy of Medical Sciences.  

The programme will include funding for six to nine projects, each of which will receive £10,000-15,000 and will be supported to co-produce, evaluate and share knowledge within the wider programme. Whatever your level of experience, if you have an interest in our objectives, you are welcome to take part.

The closing date for applications is 12.00PM (UK time) on Friday 27 November 2023

Tuesday 12 September 2023 - 13.00-17:00 online Programme and  funding launch session. After Tuesday 12 September 2023 - we invite those interested in continuing the journey to submit an ‘Expression of interest’. Tuesday 17 October 2023 10:00-14:00- Networking, Connection and Development Workshop. After Tuesday 12 September 2023 - we will also have a limited number of accessibility funds available. Monday 27 November 2023 Application submission deadline. -Monday 11 December 2023  Notification of decisions. - Funded project work to be completed by July 2024.
Application timeline

Once the projects begin in January 2024, we will be working with project teams to support their co-production and evaluation activities.

6-9 funded projects Jan 2024- Aug 2024 during this time 'Project specific coaching and guidance for co-producing evaluation' Underneath 'Deepening practice sessions then Session 1 (25 Jan) Session 2 (22 Feb) Session 3 (25 April) Session 4 (20 June) with arrow underneath to Projects reported and celebratory event Oct 2024 - 25 April is Mid point sharing and learning sessin 19 Sept Final sharing and learning session  -Along the whole timeline Evaluation Exchange with Co-Production Collective: Developing guidance for evaluation in co-production
Timeline of co-production and evaluation support

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Here are the documents that will help you to submit your application

  • Application Form template (as a Word document or PDF)  provides the template question form for you to write your responses in, a budget template to complete and an Appendix Guidance document which also provides information on what reviewers are looking for.  
  • General programme and funding information document (as a Word document, or PDF) contains most of the detail including the scope of the programme and how this aligns with our priorities and values, eligibility, specific criteria and expectations of being involved in the wider programme and the timelines and application process.
  • Frequently Asked Questions includes common questions and some already posed by potential applicants. We will evolve this following each of the events as we respond to queries raised by you and the web page will be updated accordingly!

Our events

This is the video of our launch event on 12 September 2023.

00:00 Introduction

04:57 Programme overview
20:38 Questions & answers
26:03 Applying values and principles
30:43 The value of co-production -rapid review
36:21 The principles of co-production
42:35 Evaluation, learning & sharing
58:14 Round-up and what's next

This is the recording of the presentations from our second event, which was held on 17 October2023.

00:00 Programme Overview
02:35 Value of Co-production: how this relates to our criteria
07:16 Previous co-production pilots              

13:33 How and what we’re looking for in applications – the detail!
24:38 Evaluation support, what we’re looking for and case studies
40:57 Evaluating ourselves – a working example!
44:40 Community reporting

Further information

For further information about this programme or if you would like to discuss any aspect of co-production, please contact us at:

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Help us develop a way to measure what success looks like in co-production

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