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Going the extra mile in August: our monthly team update

August 4, 2022

August might sometimes be considered a quieter month when many take time out to rest and recuperate, not so much for the Collective this year. We have a lot going on, all really important things for the future though! Read on to find out more…

Value of co-production

As you may have seen this week, we launched our Value of Co-production survey! We need your help please to shine a light on and demonstrate the benefits of co-production as a way of working. Have a read of our blog about this work and find out how to complete the survey, please also share it far and wide! We’d like to get as many people as possible involved.

Co-production session on 23 August

Some of you may remember that several years ago now we talked as a community about wanting to develop a library of resources for people interested in co-production to use. Something that builds on the current ‘Learning and resources’ section on our website and further develops what is currently a large spreadsheet of weblinks into something usable by others and accessible to a wide variety of people. As part of the Value of Co-production project mentioned above we have started to work on this.

You can sign up to join us for our ‘Co-producing a library of resources’ session via the ‘Events’ section of our website.

What else is going on this month?

As you may be aware Vanessa started with us recently, she is going to be working on the development of our 'Associate roles' programme.

Following on from the workshops we held in June, the team have been busy collating, prioritising and planning how to move forward this work whilst incorporating everyone’s valuable ideas. During August we will continue to focus on progressing this work and to put the necessary things in place to provide a solid foundation for the programme. We will share a blog in August with more details on where we have got to. In the meantime though, if you would like to please feel free to get in touch with Vanessa (by emailing with any additional thoughts or questions, she will be happy to set up some time to chat with you.

Makella also joined us recently and we waved off Rory – you can read more in the 'Why co-production, and why the Collective?' blog. We might also have a couple more people joining soon… watch this space for further updates coming soon!

Elsewhere this month, on 17 August 14:00-15:30 Niccola will be part of delivering an online webinar about co-production for children’s charity Barnardos and their Centre for Black and Asian Children and Young people alongside Albert and Nick, two of the co-producers involved in one of our pilot projects – Co-producing the Real Talk Intervention and Prevention Programme - from Action Youth Boxing Intervention (AYBI) and HERON (Health Inequalities Research Network). The webinar is open to anyone interested in co-production and or the work of Barnardos, if you would like to join please email us on and we will share the dial in information.

Get involved

To stay in touch with the latest news from us, make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter and following us on Twitter to hear it first. We hope to see you, hear from you or speak to you soon! As ever, if you have any questions or suggestions for us, please get in touch at

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