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Key findings and recommendations from our end of year survey

June 5, 2023

A massive thank you to those of you who participated in our end of year survey. The survey aimed to help us find out people’s involvement in Co-Production Collective and what else we can be doing as a community to reach more people and remove barriers to people getting involved. It also aimed to help us to understand a little bit more about you and how you prefer to be communicated with, what we are doing ok at and what we can improve on.

109 people took part in the survey. 37% of whom had become involved in the last year (13% of these within the 3 months leading up to the survey which took place in December). This survey and the sharing of its findings openly is an example of us striving to live by our core values of being human, inclusive, challenging and transparent. In this blog we outline key recommendations that came out of the survey and explore routes forwards.

To find out how we came to these conclusions, you can read the summary report (as a PDF or Word Document) which provides more detail about how we came to the conclusions we did as well as summary of the demographics for those who chose to answer these questions (this report is 14 pages long).

As this blog contains images tables of numbers if you are using a screen reader please read this blog using this Word Document.

So, what were the findings from the survey?

Outlined below are some of the answers given to questions that we posed in the survey and some ideas for how we can move forwards.

Question posed: Please let us know about any barriers you think there could be to people being part of Co-Production Collective and how they could be removed?

64 people answered this question:

Pie chart showing perceived barriers segmented in oranges and teals and grey - Accessibility 28% Time 26% Don't know what Co-Production Collective does 16% Feel don't know enough about co-production 6 % Communication 6% Other 8%

From the 18 that mentioned accessibility; 7 talked about this in relation to digital exclusion and possible lack of digital literacy, 4 mentioned hearing difficulties, 2 mentioned this in relation to learning difficulties and 1 mentioned paying for childcare.

Thoughts on overcoming barriers to participation

From the feedback to this questions it became that clear that we even though accessibility and payment options for our events are explained in our guide to our sessions this is not up front enough and we could be doing even more to make our events accessible.

In terms of people feeling they don’t know enough about what Co-Production Collective does, hopefully some of these questions have been answered by our recent Impact Report. However, our website needs to be developed further, to reflect what the Collective does now and make it even easier for people to see how they can get involved and remove barriers to people who feel they don’t know enough about co-production to take part. Some ideas of how to do this were suggested in the survey which we will look at taking forward with your support.

We also need to explore how else we can reach people with what we do via our talks at events etc. We are always looking for opportunities to speak about and contribute to the conversations about co-production. If you know of any opportunities to reach new audiences, please get in touch on .

Question posed: What does being part of Co-Production Collective mean to you?

102 people answered this question.

Pie chart showing what does being part of Co-Production Collective mean to you - Community 28%, Knowledge and learning 19%,Inclusive 14%, Supportive 12%, Vehicle for change 13%, Networking 4%, Personal development 4%, Not for them 3%, Not involved 2%, Other 2%  in teal, orange and grey

When people talked about being part of the Co-Production Collective Community many people liked that the Collective shared their values.

Question posed: What have you gained from being involved with Co-Production Collective?

103 people answered this question

  • 7 said they were not involved enough to comment on this yet
  • 1 said they ‘weren’t sure’ and 1 said ‘nothing’

Broadly speaking these key themes came through when looking through the remaining 94 responses (bearing in mind some overlap in entries):

  • Personal development - 28 – 16 of which mentioned an increase in confidence
  • Learning and knowledge – 22
  • Network -16
  • Understanding- 12
  • Belonging 8
  • Community 4

Question posed: If you have any other feedback about your involvement with Co-Production Collective please let us know.

37  people answered this question:

  • 22 had positive comments including 3 who said positive things about the team and 3 who made suggestions about professional development and peer support.
  • 15 had negative comments
  • 4 sited issues with transparency including how to get involved, who get’s what opportunities and how anyone can offer their support.
  • 2 commented on the marketing – 1 'had been involved in co-production outside of the Collective and had never seen Co-Production Collective advertised.’ The other commented they hadn’t heard about us until now.
  • 3 had bad experiences of feeling their views were dismissed by other members of the Collective.
  • 2 expressed concern about us being London focused one of whom offered to host events in the North West and the other suggested we needed to find a way to make it easier to find regional events.
  • 1 felt it seemed to take a long time to get things started and then done.
  • 2 people gave ideas about upskilling opportunities for community members and another suggested it may be helpful to give Co-Pro Cuppas more focus by suggesting at topic or two at each one.

Thoughts on community care and better enabling involvement

This feedback, the conversations we have been having about anti-racism as well as some complicated discussions that have been had within the co-producer programme have made it clear that we need to take action to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable to express themselves within the community. We are currently looking into what support we can get externally to address these issues.

In addition, we will find ways to make it clearer what opportunities for involvement are available. We are also looking into how we can make it easier for people register with the Collective how they would like to get involved, what they can offer and what support they need. We will keep you up to date with our progress with this, and ways to get involved.

Question posed: What communications do you engage with from Co-Production Collective?

108 people answered this question.

How communications received from Co-Production Collective are rated:

Question posed: What do you think the role of the communications you receive from Co-Production Collective is? Please pick your top 2.

Number who subscribed Co-Production Collective newsletter

From the 104 people who responded 86% subscribed to the newsletter. Of these 95 people responded to the question about how they rated it .

From the 40 people who gave feedback about the newsletter 32 liked it including 5 who gave ideas of how to improve it, and 7 gave negative feedback including how the ‘language could be simpler’, how they ‘are not always sure of it’s purpose or relevance.’  How it ‘feels like it’s more for those in the know, central rather than inclusive”. How “sometimes the opportunities that are advertised in the newsletter have gone past the deadline - so the newsletter is out of date when it is sent out”  and that it needs to be clearer whether things are national or local and what people can get paid for taking part.

Feedback on the website

30 responded to this question including 14 who liked it, 11 who gave suggestions of how it could be improved and 2 who didn’t use it much. 31 people provided ideas for blogs that could be written.

Question posed: Please let us know any other suggestions you have about how we can improve our communications.

24 people answered this question, including 5 were happy with are communications as they are, 19 who had suggestions of how to improve it, 2 who felt communications are unclear, 1 who said they hadn’t seen them until now.

In addition to this 45 people gave suggestions for how we could reach more people who are interested in, already involved in, or want to learn more about or get involved co-production. This included expanding our social media channels.

Communications sub group

A recommendation that one person came up with was to have a communications subgroup. In light of all the feedback we have received on our communications throughout the survey we are now looking for five people to take part in this group. Read this blog to find out more.

Our commitments so far

To summarise we have identified the following key areas in which we can make changes to meet the needs identified in the survey. In the coming weeks and months, we plan to focus on these areas using all the feedback that people provided in the survey and will be in touch to outline ways to get involved if you would like to.

The key areas we have identified so far for us to work on together are:

  • A review our website and communication channels to further remove barriers to participation
  • Finding a way to make it easier for people share what they would like to get involved in and participate in our activities.
  • To take action to ensure people feel safe and comfortable to express themselves within the community.
  • Amplifying our voice with the help of the Communications Sub Group, the Allies Group (our advisory group) and your support.

If you have any feedback or questions about this blog or the accompanying summary report please contact

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