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Not another Co-Production Week conversation?!

June 28, 2021

Next week (5-9 July 2021) is National Co-Production Week! Hosted by SCIE, this is the sixth year of this celebration of co-production in England. We always do something to join in and this year, co-producers Isaac and Mark approached us with an idea….


As someone that spends all my waking time involved in co-production opportunities and spaces, I even dream about co-production. How sad is that?!

I often say that co-production is a lifestyle choice, not work, so when it comes to opportunities around coproduction I always try to get involved. I was looking through my diary and came across an entry for National Co-production Week and it got me thinking - what is the purpose of co-production week?

Is this another event for events’ sake? Does celebrating co-production for one week make a difference? 

I was left with more questions than answers, and want to know what the Co-Production Collective community thinks: what do we want Co-production Week to do? What is its purpose, what could it look like, and what difference can it make?

Isaac (left) and Mark (right) want to hear from you!


Co-production is vast and it seems that many places do a style of #CoPro. For me, I think debate, discussion and dialogue is always needed but those triple Ds need to lead to action. As we enter Co-production Week,I always seem to be on catch up with the various questions and thoughts that run through my head.

Join Isaac and myself for a Co-Pro Cuppa-style conversation about how we can use occasions like these to raise the profile of co-production and lead to real change.


Get involved

Co-Pro Cuppa: Not another Co-production Week conversation?! will be an informal space to get together and chat with others about these issues.

It will take place on Tuesday 6 July, 10-11.30am and everyone is welcome!

Register for the session here.

We’ll also be taking part in the Co-production Week celebrations here on our website and on social media. Check out the SCIE website for more information about what else you can get involved in.


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