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Open to all: our Resource Library is now live!

November 27, 2022

Since way back when in 2017, when we started out with co-producing our community, we have been adding to a spreadsheet of resources. All sorts of useful things such as documents about what co-production is, videos on how to do it and numerous examples of other people’s work. What we have done as a community over the last few months is turn this spreadsheet into what we hope is a really user friendly library of useful resources that is open to all. Today we are pleased to announce that...

Please come on over and check it out! Our web address for the library is

The resources come from all sorts of different places and include webpages, reports, videos, books, journal articles and much more. We have collated this list of resources rather than curated it, and we will continue to add to it over time. It won't all be relevant for you but please explore and find what interests you.

Also included in the library are the things that we as Co-Production Collective have developed to date and a section where we can find a reading list about what it means to be anti-racist (we are aware that you need to buy many of these, if you would like to borrow a copy please just ask by emailing us on

How does the library work?

If you would like some assistance in using the library, please have a read of one of our How to Guides:

We plan to further develop the library over time, refining it as we learn what works and adding more resources as we go. So, please let us know what you think and if you spot any issues, we really do want to know what they are!

Finally, if you have any thoughts on resources, you think we should add please email us on

Thank you

A massive thank you as always to all of the members of our community who got involved in developing and testing this library!

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