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Your input needed on ‘A model for designing collaborative change’ by The Co-Change Collective

October 26, 2023

The Co-Change Collective, an international group of people interested in the field of co-creation and co-design for social good. The Co-Change Collective is made up of Change Managers, a Behavioural Scientist, a UX (user experience) designer, people with practical co-production experience, trainers, educators and those with an interest in collaborative change. They have come together on a voluntary basis to give their time to exploring how any organisational change can be truly collaborative and empowering for all involved. They came to across Co-Production Collective and got in touch with us as they were interested in our work. Nicc from the Collective staff team has been involved in some of the sessions with the group.

The Co-Change Collective is seeking to develop some agreed criteria by which change that is genuinely collaborative from start to finish can be identified. Their hope is that this will be useful to Change Managers wanting to learn more about how to go about this type of work. They decided to use the term “Co-Change” and not co-creation, co-design or co-production because they feel that even though these terms are in common use, they seem to mean different things to different people. They also choose to avoid the use of the word ‘stakeholders’, preferring the idea of collaborators to describe ALL the parties involved in truly collaborative change.

How can you get involved?

They would value your help in reviewing a document that they have developed and in which their progress to date on creating ‘A Model for Collaborative Change’ is summarised. They have also developed a short survey via which you can input thoughts. Please let us know you would like to be involved by emailing us on and we will email you back about how we can get involved.

The deadline for getting involved is 5pm on Friday 17 November.

Payment for your time

We have limited budget to pay for your time to do this but if you would like to be paid for your time we can offer £25 so if this is the case please email and let us know.

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