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Finding new ways to network and connect online for the Measuring Success programme

November 8, 2023

In this blog By Rob Ferguson and Vanessa Bennett, we thank everyone who attended our Networking, Connection and Development event on October 17 and provide a summary and links for those who couldn’t make it but are considering applying to our Measuring Success in Co-production: Learning by Doing programme (see our previous blog). We also announce our new project web page which will hold everything in one place and provide key dates for 2024!

Summary of our Network and Connections event: using a new digital platform

We were pleased that so many people joined us at our online networking and connection event on 17 October hosted on Remo.*

This was the first time we used Remo as an interactive tool at the Co-Production Collective, and it was not without the usual and new technical challenges. However, we hope it allowed people to connect, share and gain the information they needed to support their potential projects.

The online event aimed to bring together individuals interested in mental health, wellbeing, and climate change who plan to apply to the funding opportunity in the coming weeks. Several speakers pre-recorded their presentations and shared what different aspects of the programme would involve via a video played in four different ‘virtual rooms’ at two different time slots. This allowed attendees to drop in and out at their convenience and listen to sessions at their own pace while also taking advantage of networking and connection opportunities in other virtual rooms.

In the event video we provide a summary of the programme and important dates so far. We discuss the value of co-production in relation to our criteria, previous co-production pilots, and the details of what we are looking for in applications. We also cover evaluation support, including what we are hoping to see in applications relating to this, and evaluation case study examples!

Screen grab from Measuring Success in Co-Production networking event on the Remo platform showing a diagram of table plan with each table labelled as different areas and at the top of the screen smaller screens of 6 people who were some of the people taking part.
Screenshot from Networking and Connections event on REMO

At the event we also provided virtual spaces for attendees to interact with others they had connected with, and ask additional questions about various aspects related to the scope of the programme and application process. Smaller virtual tables enabled participants to have group discussions – a fantastic way to promote networking and connect people with similar interests or ideas about how they envision their upcoming projects.

We have collected feedback from participants regarding their experiences and insights from the events via Miro and a feedback form – if you would still like to contribute please get in touch by emailing! By incorporating this valuable feedback into our application process, we are committed to enhancing the experience for our community and potential applicants. From the feedback we have received, it seems the virtual event on Remo, and the different approach, was a success for many but challenging for others. We will keep in mind that this style of event was a learning opportunity for us and wasn’t for everyone and will take this feedback on board for future events.

Launching our NEW Measuring Success project web page!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new web page which you can access on the Co-Production Collective website. The next steps in our programme you are outlined below. Do keep an eye on this webpage for new content and updates as we move into 2024!

Key dates for the application process

Application Submission deadline: 27 November (12 noon GMT)

Potential date to clarify questions with Applicants: 5-6 December

Notification of decision: 11 December

Key dates for successful applications 2024

6-9 funded projects Jan 2024- Aug 2024 during this time 'Project specific coaching and guidance for co-producing evaluation' Underneath 'Deepening practice sessions then Session 1 (25 Jan) Session 2 (22 Feb) Session 3 (25 April) Session 4 (20 June) with arrow underneath to Projects reported and celebratory event Oct 2024 - 25 April is Mid point sharing and learning sessin 19 Sept Final sharing and learning session  -Along the whole timeline Evaluation Exchange with Co-Production Collective: Developing guidance for evaluation in co-production

Can we help you to connect?

Even though the deadline for applications is approaching, and even if you missed the event on 17 October there is still time to connect and get involved! We look forward to connecting with even more individuals and groups interested in submitting an application over the coming weeks. If you would like to connect with others in these final stages of the application process, and we can help in any way, please email Vanessa ( and Aleem (

Reminder of key links and documents to apply

Please find below some links and documents for the application process:

Video presented at the October 17th Measuring Success event

Video of the September 12th Measuring success event

Application Form

Supporting information Application General Information

• Application pack docs:  FAQs

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please refer to the FAQs document or contact the team at

These can all be found on our new web page.

How else can we help?

We hope this provides enough information. If you have any immediate questions or would like more information on anything in this blog that may help you participate in this programme, please contact us on:

*More about REMO

For people unfamiliar with this virtual platform, it offers interactive features that allow attendees to have more choices on how they wish to connect and network with others in the online environment. Unlike traditional virtual events, attendees were able to move themselves around the virtual space, form new connections and engage with other participants on a more personal level. Considering the collaborative goals of the Measuring Success programme and that building relationships is a core principle of co-production, we felt it was really important to find a way to make this possible within a virtual setting.

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