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July Team Update: Collaborating for success

July 9, 2024

July was about working in partnership with others to champion co-production for lasting change, whether within ongoing projects like Measuring Success or new initiatives such as our work with Glentworth House Nursing Home. In this month’s update, we share our recent activities and highlight opportunities for you to connect with us and others committed to co-production.

Co-producing ways to improve hydration of care home residents

Julie, Nicc and Krisztina are working together with Glentworth House Nursing Home in Hove and the VIVALDI team at UCL to find ways to improve hydration for residents at the nursing home. The aim is to improve health of residents and reduce illnesses such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) in care homes. By the end of the project, we hope to have created a resource to share learning and support the implementation of practical interventions to improve hydration in other care homes across the country.

We will be holding a series of workshops with care home staff, residents and their relatives, and the VIVALDI team at UCL, to better understand the hydration approaches already in place in Glentworth House, what works well and areas where things could be improved.

Measuring Success

We continued our work with the eight projects teams who are part of the Measuring Success in Co-production programme. Our fourth Deepening Practice session was led by our colleagues at the UCL Evaluation Exchange and aimed to help with the analysis and sharing of evaluation findings. We heard about ideas on how evaluation information can be communicated beyond written reports, for example via photos, videos, and audio to help include all members in the process. We look forward to meeting the teams again in September for the final support session in the programme.

What else we have been up to

George and Emily attended New Local’s Stronger Things Conference. This year, the event’s focus was on taking action to turn community-driven vision for public services to reality.

Nicc, Naheen and Isaac were part of the Build-a-lab: Help us tackle the world’s most urgent challenges event. The day-long interactive workshop was aimed at students and encouraged them to develop an innovation model to solve pressing challenges the world faces, such as the climate crisis and mental health. It helped students lean how to create lasting change via creative solutions, and to develop their problem solving and communication skills.

Vanessa and Krisztina together with the London Alliance for the Co-production of Evidence Synthesis (also known as LACES) team held the first Advisory Board workshop. The Advisory Board’s role is to oversee and guide the projects the LACES teams are working on, and we worked to set out the purpose of the group and our ways of working together at this workshop.

Photo of Vanessa, Nici, Siobhan, Lilliana, Susan and Derek sat on chairs in front of microphones talking at the 3PUK Conference
Photo of Vanessa, Nici, Siobhan, Lilliana, Susan and Derek talking at the 3PUK Conference

Nici, Siobhan, Derek, Lilliana and Susan from the Co-Production from the Inside Out project team spoke at the 3PUK conference about their Measuring Success Project with a women’s refuge, and what they had learnt from the process so far. They were joined by Vanessa who talked about the project in the context of the overall Measuring Success Programme.

Coming up

  • Not Another Co-production Festival
  • Our 5th session for the latest cohort involved in Commissioning with Communities – a training programme that we deliver in partnership with Ideas Alliance and Collaborate
  • Our 2nd Glentworth House co-production session

Get involved

We are passionate about championing co-production for lasting change and see a key step to achieving our vision and mission ‘as promoting the benefits of co-production and sharing our learning with others’.

Our blog which is hosted on the news section of our website is central to achieving this as it shares not only news and learning from Co-Production Collective, but also from organisations and co-producers sharing their insights and understanding as well.

If you have a co-production project that you are working on that has lessons learned to share, we’d love to hear from you. We’d also love to hear from people with lived or living experiences about your experience of co-production.

Please get in touch via if you have any questions about writing for us!

Co-Pro Cuppas

Thank you for coming to our July Co-Pro Cuppa! It was great to see many of you there and discuss different types of support needed when co-producing and the evaluation of partnership working in the past years amongst many other interesting topics!

Our next Co-Pro Cuppas will take place on:

  • Tuesday 6 August at 15:00 (UK time)
  • Friday 6 September at 14:00 (UK time)
  • Tuesday 1 October at 13:00 (UK time)

You can find out more about the Cuppas and sign up via the events page.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our work, please get in contact by emailing us on

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